The Service Team at Counterpoint has been great! They are very responsive, knowledgable, and cooperative. They are a pleasure to work with! Samantha Kives
d, K-Tel International

If you’ve been around the music business a while – or even if you haven’t – you’re sure to run into Counterpoint’s Maestro suite of software for music labels, production music libraries, and publishers. Setting the standard for catalog management and rights and royalties administration software for over 400 customers worldwide, Counterpoint Systems has been the leading provider in the music, entertainment, and brand licensing industries for over 23 years.

Although our business has expanded over the years, we remain committed to where we started, in the independent sector of the music industry. We are a proud associate member of A2IM – and have sponsored A2IM’s hugely successful cocktail parties at MIDEM for the past three years. This year promises to be just as deliciously successful! We encourage you to stop by our booth #R34.07.Specifically, Counterpoint’s music industry clients use Maestro software to:

  • Save time and money by replacing manual tasks with automation
  • Reduce the risk of manual errors from using spreadsheets
  • Improve your service to songwriters, composers and artists with tools like online statement delivery
  • Have a single integrated system incorporating catalogue management, client administration and royalty processing
  • Use industry-standard formats for sharing data with other companies such as societies, sub-publishers, digital stores…and much, much more!



Counterpoint’s Record Maestro software, developed specifically with labels in mind, helps put independents on a level playing field with the majors, providing a complete solution for label administration at an affordable price and offering industry standard interfaces for label copy data, sales data and royalty transfers.

Record Maestro gives independent labels a solution that addresses the whole business. It is the only software package that will automate your royalty processing, digital sales imports, digital store distribution and society reporting requirements. Counterpoint spends time talking to independent labels to ensure Record Maestro gives you what you need across your entire business. Royalties are a cost to any independent label’s business, but Record Maestro can reduce those costs. It can reduce the cost of your time, replacing manual tasks with automated processes. For example, Record Maestro provides online statement delivery – compare that to the time and cost of printing and mailing paper statements. Record Maestro also removes the risk of manual errors that comes with using spreadsheets, and because Record Maestro is a complete package and not just a royalty calculation tool, you’re not just calculating contract royalties for artist or distribution statements, Record Maestro does mechanical and society reporting as well.


Music Maestro allows publishers to manage their entire publishing process, from signing new songwriters/composers; registering with societies; licensing songs; through to calculating royalties and issuing statements. It also makes it easier to work with other publishers and labels and to integrate your publishing business with a label. More publishers around the world use Counterpoint than any other solution, so don’t take our word for it, ask our publishing partners!Using Music Maestro, publishers can:

  • Register songs with societies and automatically track registration history
  • Manage your song catalog database
  • Quickly identify what songs are earning and performing well
  • Quickly and easily exchange catalog and copyright data with sub-publishers
  • Manage the entire licensing process
  • Automatically load statements and match income to songs
  • Calculate royalties and produce statements

Most importantly, as the industry evolves and innovates, Counterpoint Systems’ remains on the cutting edge of emerging technologies and business models. Our solutions stay up to date with digital store formats, society compliant reporting, and new royalty calculation models (i.e. subscription based revenue pool calculations). All Maestro clients are entitled to free updates to the software, so you will always be in step with the changes in the industry.For more information on any of our Maestro solutions, please visit the Counterpoint website, email or call Lorie Raileanu on (424) 270 8520.We’ll see you at Midem!